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General Settings Internet And MMS


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General Settings For Internet & MMS

Android APN Settings Internet and MMS
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


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United States APN settings GPRS : WAP And MMS


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me please what APN settings t-mobile for nokia c3

Anonymous said...

How to Configure the APN Settings AT&T gprs for nokia x6

mari mery said...

T-Mobile USA APN Settings For Nokia C3-00
Go to the main menu and go to 'Settings'

Navigate to 'Configuration'

Navigate to 'Personal Settings'

Select 'Options' and then go to 'Add New' and select 'Access Point'

Now put in the field for the Account Name: T-Mobile

Go to 'Access Point Settings' then select 'Bearer Settings'

Input the following details:

Packet data access pt.:

Network Type - IPv4 (You can use IPv6 but I'm not sure if this works)

Authentication type - Normal

User name -

Password -

Now save the above settings and now go back to the 'Configuration Settings' page and navigate to the 'Default config. settings' option and select 'T-Mobile'.

Now go back to the 'Configuration Settings' page and go to 'Default in all apps.' and set to Activated.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know just-how-much I've sincerely appreciated ""

Your website has saved me the undeserved 'mental-torment' of literally spending hours dealing directly with the U.S. 'Network$Providers' and discovering that it was All For Naught."

Just another nibbling-display of "Fascism" eating-up A-L-L...O-F....Y-O-U-R.....T-I-M-E......!

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